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Academic Doctor of Medicine
In the condition of diversity of pharmacologic preparations and especially vitamin complexes it is very difficult to choose the exact correct medicine for the disease not only for patients, but also for doctors. Because of this we decided to provide detailed information on the preparation which is noun as Polijen.  
This publication is for endocrinologists but we suppose doctors of different fields also will be interested in it.
Polijen presents combined drug which consists of natural components, minerals and microelements, irreplaceable aminoacids, adaptogen component, polyvitamin complex.
Polijen consists of carefully choiced active ingredients which have preventive and medical action for improvement of necessary functional activity of organism.
First of all we want to pay your attention to thyroid dysfunctions which can be discussed as endemic disorders for our country – Georgia. 
As it is shown in the name of Polijen it contains combination of vitamins and minerals, which are very important in the treatment and prophylaxis of thyroid disorders.
Presence of I, Se, B1 vitamin in the Polijen helps the organism to maintain homeostasis and to provide daily needs of iodine for thyroid that is especially important for population living in the endemic zones of iodine deficiency. These minerals are also very important for normal conduction of various physiological processes (growth, pubertal period etc.)
It is worth to mention that deficiency of vitamin A (Carotene), which commonly follows decreased thyroid function (Hypothyroidism), can be effectively filled by therapeutic course with Polijen (1 capsule of Polijen daily for 24 days) 
With prescription of Polijen in adolescents we balance a wide variety of processes, such as stimulation of growth hormone production, which is related to L-arginin and L-lysine, activation of thymus (stimulation of T-lymphocyte production), which is related to optimal dose of zinc and ginseng in Polijen. The important roles in mentioned process take microelements such as Mg, K, Cu, Cr, Mo and the optimal quantity of which contains every capsule of Polijen. For this purpose it is sufficient to give the complete course of Polijen on every spring and autumn.
Spreading the diabetes mellitus over the world takes the form of pandemic, especially has raised the percents of type I diabetes mellitus. The development of type I diabetes mellitus is related to absolute deficiency of insulin production. It is known that microelement Zn plays the important role in synthesis of insulin. It also participates in uptake process of exogenous insulin by the body. Quantity of Zn contained in Polijen completely corresponds to daily needs for this element for diabetic patients.
Role of group B vitamins in nerve impulses synapse passing conduction is beyond any doubt. This is the actual problem in the course of most common diabetic complications – neuropathies and retinopathies. So far Polijen is a drug of choice for vitamin therapy in the treatment of diabetes.
We also should mention role of Zn in the balance of sex hormone levels. This effect is aggravated by contents of Polijen - plant dust and royal jelly.
After pubertal age, the most difficult period of life is climacteric period for both men and women. It is stated that in Japan, where a lot of soya bean oil is in everyday usage food vegetative symptoms of climacteric neurosis is minimal as in women, so in men. For this purpose, is advised to take treatment course with Polijen in every 2-3 month period, in patients of this age group, because lecithin of soya bean is one of the important component of Polijen.
Polijen components vitamins C and B5 awards Polijen interesting role in such difficultly regulated process as synthesis of hormones of suprarenal glands–glucocorticoids. So far Polijen can be prescribed for persons under chronic stress, to raise their resistance to negative emotions and to protect from stress results.
For the end, it is important to mention, that Polijen can be discussed as catalyst of metabolism activation in complex therapy, but we should award it a role of independent preparation for the treatment of possible disbalance of homeostasis.