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  Pharmaceutical company “World Medicine” was registered in Georgia in the beginning
of 2005 year and settled its representation office in Tbilisi. “World Medicine” introduced
four  types of medicines to Georgian pharmaceutical market for that time, and now,
there is several tens of preparations. Drugs of “World Medicine” are the modern preparations
of new generations. There are injection and per oral forms of antibacterial, nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs of different groups, hepato- and angioprotecting drugs, antacids,
prokinetics, also sedative, nootropic, antiepileptic, hypotensive preparations, polyvitamins,
antioxidants etc. We should also mention that separate line in the work of the company
represents ophthalmologic drugs.
  Products of “World Medicine” are made in pharmaceutical factories, which are equipped
with the newest technologies and possess international certificates of quality (GMP, GLP among them). 
  Business of the company has overpassed the borders of the capital of Georgia and involved
all regions of the country. Nowadays, “World Medicine” has representation offices in Tbilisi, Qutaisi
and Batumi where many people are employed.